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"Vanen, Plumes from Paradise" is a dual portrait of the vanen, the rare Greater Bird-of-Paradise (Paradisaea apoda), and photographer Loïc Degen. This film recounts his quest and his sixth expedition into the heart of the Aru jungle, in the extreme south-eastern corner of Indonesia, along with seven friends from Wakua, a tiny village in the Archipelago.
Loïc has become one with the villagers. They confide in him and share secrets. He’s inexorably attracted by the legends and myths of a forsaken population, materially so poor but yet so rich… Enough to nourish indefinitely the quest of a 34 year old man who still knows how to let himself be overwhelmed by the beauty, the subtlety and poetry of the creatures and the things that surround him.

The DVD, with English version, also features:

Bonus (approx. 20min)
National Day
English lessons
A wedding in Wakua
Religious customary law
Women’s life in Wakua

The Curing Water
Old fashioned snare
A Friday at Badi Gaki

Translation&Voice-over: Godefridus Dijkman (


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"Vanen, Plumes from Paradise", Best pedagogical documentary award, Festival du film ornithologique de Ménigoute (Press release (in French))

Vanen on DVD it'sFilm 52min, Bonus 20min, 4 languages (FR, ENG, NL, DE (untertitelt)),
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